So out of the blue…

So out of the blue, Sign Source Solution vehicle wrapping in Toronto sent me these very professional pdf schematics showing what a car (I think they hoped it was my car but they got the wrong make and model) would look like with the Yoga Truly design logo and brand slogan plastered over the side and back.

Yoga Truly vehicle wrap in Toronto

The wrapping company is doing an outreach and I got on their list for these pictures. The design is worth about $300 after taxes and they gave it to me for free, so I really can’t complain and reckoned the least I could do would be to share these pretty pictures here on the blog. What do you guys think of the design?

I should also probably mention that vehicle wrapping is hot stuff right now because its a super affordable option that’s perfect for small businesses that serve a local community. If you worked out the cost of each impression gained against the $2400 initial price tag, it would be pennies per customer after a few years, and less than a cent after ten years. That’s because studies done by the Outdoor Advertising Institute of America show that good quality vehicle wraps can make thousands of brand impressions per day.

Vehicle wraps also protect the original painted surfaces of the vehicle. If you are leasing then this is a great way to ensure the vehicle looks bright and shiny upon trade-in down the road.

Yoga Truly vehicle wrap TorontoAltough there are not many downsides to vehicle wrapping there is one and for me its a deal breaker. When i picture myself behind the steering wheel of this vehicle in the picture, I realize my driving record would be even more important, and the consequences of good or bad driving could become much greater. What if I accidentally cut someone off on the highway? They would know exactly who I am and could very easily track down my business address. That’s a super scary thought, and so perhaps the vehicle wrap should come with a dashboard camera system recording the road ahead and back.. And in the end because I know it doesn’t come with such a safety precaution I will probably reject this highly effective marketing in favour of maintaining my own personal anonymity as a commuter on Ontario Highways. Nice try though..

What do you guys out there say to this idea?