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Dedicated to Wellbeing

Yoga Truly’s registered instructors live by traditional yogic philosophies and energy flowing movement techniques. We proudly offer guided classes and restorative therapies to lovely humans of all ages and abilities.
Specializing in fitness and lifestyle balance, we help people get unstuck by guiding grounding and playful classes for children, leadership programs for teens and therapeutic movement classes for adults. You will always be supported in your learning and practice here. You do not have to be flexible, strong or enlightened to begin yoga, that comes with practice.  Our Yoga Alliance Registered instructors  guide intelligent and inspiring classes. We are excited to teach you what we know about living well.
Yoga Truly’s registered yoga school is expanding yoga’s healing reach. Our disciplined training program educates and certifies yoga teachers and teacher trainers.  We live yoga, teach yoga and share yoga. We’ve got your back! Yoga Truly is committed to consciously and consistently offering a safe place in our community for health, growth, awareness and discovery through yoga.


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