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Yoga Instructor, Lead Teacher Trainer & Studio Owner

It is my intention is to make yoga accessible to all people and guide them through yoga practices regardless of experience or ability.

I’m so grateful for the friendly, safe and supportive community atmosphere our instructors and members have cultivated in the studios, it really creates opportunities for people find peace and balance in their busy lives.

My first experience with yoga brought relief from chronic neck pain and inspired a deep appreciation for our physical bodies and their abilities. I couldn’t help but want to learn more about yoga’s healing possibilities and preventative philosophies. To me,  Yoga is both a forgiving and encouraging practice that results in strength, flexibility and clarity. Yoga is a perfect blend of empowering techniques and a gentle security blanket.


Yoga Instructor & Studio Owner

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 and Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher.
I have come to realize that we need to start at the beginning so to speak, empowering children right from the start and giving them the skills and coping strategies to deal with all that life will throw at them. They also need to have opportunities to relax and be mindful in this crazy busy world they live in. In order to do this I took my Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher training in August 2015 and have been teaching in the schools in the Niagara Region since September. Our intention at Yoga Truly is to bring yoga into as many schools as we possibly can. We bring yoga and mindfulness to our children through stories, games, song and fun!


Yoga Instructor

Feeling anxious, agitated and lost, I first came to my yoga mat in 2007. My exploration of the practice and principles of Yoga continue to provide me with all of the tools I need to live a more present, vibrant and fulfilling life. Drawn to pranayama, meditation and a gentle approach to asana; I find the quieter, more contemplative practices to be the most transformative.
As a student of Yoga, my life is constantly being transformed in ways I would never have imagined possible. As a teacher, I am honoured to share my experiences and support others as they infuse yoga into their lives. My classes are shared from my heart to yours, inspired by personal life experiences, teachers, mentors, students, friends and family.
Expect to leave my classes feeling rejuvenated and inspired. As you breathe, move and meditate you will be encouraged to find your own flow, honouring what YOU need in each moment. I strongly believe that this safe and supportive style of teaching allows you to delve deeper into your practice, to build your own “Yoga tool box” and ultimately begin to lead a more present, vibrant and fulfilling life.


Yoga Instructor

I am a certified Hatha teacher and have completed Restorative Yoga Training. I began yoga to increase strength and flexibility and soon realized the benefits for the person as a whole: mind, body and soul. In the practice of yoga the ultimate aim is one of self-development and self-realization. Yoga helps us strengthen not only physically but helps us become our truest self. My goal as a teacher is to guide people through their practice with focus on alignment, breathing and mindfulness, making it accessible for everyone of all ages and abilities.


Yoga Instructor & Holistic Nutritionist

Kent is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition and Certified Acro Yoga Instructor and 200 hour graduate of Yoga Truly's Teacher Training program. His interest in nutrition and overall well being came soon after cancer had taken the lives of many of his close friends and relatives. Kent has a “back to basics” approach towards nutrition, physical fitness and mental health. He brings with him a friendly, positive attitude and focuses on inspiring people to achieve their personal goals and celebrate milestones. He is committed to helping individuals reach their highest potential through education and practical training.


Yoga Instructor

I was brought to Yoga over 20 years ago as an athlete looking for increased strength and flexibility.  However, the growth I experienced was in my own self awareness, self-compassion and overall practice in kindness.  Yoga allows for the breathe to deepen and space to pause within.  In a society where we rush from one thing to the next constantly trying to change our health, our bodies, our environment, our emotions or to plan our future, Yoga opens up the possibility of connecting to what we already have and to who we already are.  My goal as a Yoga Teacher is to allow for that space, encourage the balance and welcome the silence.


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