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Yoga is a multi component practice designed to establish a life in balance. Here you will find online yoga practices featuring the classical postures and philosophies accessible to all ages and abilities.


Yoga is a both a science and a lifestyle that intends to create union amongst all of our human layers:

  • Physical Self
  • Emotional Self

  • Spiritual Self

  • Breath Body

  • Energetic Body

This union is achieved by coordinating breath with movement and  inviting opportunities for reflection and deep concentration into our daily lives.

Our restorative therapies, workshops and teacher trainings will help you understand the inter-dependency of all these components in relationship to your personal health and overall well-being. Yoga has been misrepresented and misunderstood for far too long. Yoga is much more than physical fitness, yoga truly is a discipline that follows a wonderful eight limb path towards enlightenment.

The yoga lifestyle, with its foundation rooted in cultivating awareness has been considered an emotional and spiritual journey for many. At Yoga Truly you will find spiritual practices that nourish your soul and support your spirit.  You will learn to practice yoga  postures, proper breathing, meditation and mindfulness. You can also deepen your practice and share your knowledge through our teacher training programs. 


We are also the home of the Ambassador Yoga Trainer Fast Track program, a Yoga Alliance registered training program where experienced yoga teachers can become Yoga Teacher Trainers.

Yoga Truly is your resource for Online Yoga Classes + Registered Yoga Teacher Training

  • Practice on demand at your own pace with clear instruction and guidance

  • Study classical teachings that are rooted in wisdom and tradition

  • Become a Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Become a Yoga Teacher Trainer

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