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September 27 2022 - February 24, 2023

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This Yoga  Alliance 5 star rated Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program is intended for spirited individuals with a passion for yoga and a desire for living a balanced life. Enjoy the path of teaching yoga through discipline and mindful living.

Training hours are offered in four x 50 hour modules, each of which contain all the fundamental elements required for your certification and registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Each module is a combination of:

  • 40 Prerecorded Self Study Hours

  • 16 Self Study Hours Concurrent with Live Training

  • 144 Live Online, Interactive Training Hours through Zoom


It is recommended that you attend ALL live training hours, however our zoom meetings will be recorded for later viewing

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  • A professional and comprehensive downloadable manual and workbook including lesson plans,

  • Templates and detailed techniques training pages for all the traditional Hatha yoga postures and meditations.

  • Techniques training videos for poses, meditation and breathing techniques

  • Live training with Claire, Aruna and Parampreet,  your experienced lead trainers.


Attend live training hours + complete the self study hours at your own pace

Complete all FOUR modules to graduate by February 2023


Graduate Review - Micaela June 2020

'This teacher training is incredible. So packed with information, teaching plans, pose breakdowns, practicums and jam packed with everything you will need to feel confident as a new teacher to start as soon as we graduate. Claire is an incredible instructor. This is an investment you will not regret! It is by far the best Hatha training I have seen on the market'.

One big advantage of Online Yoga Teacher Training is Guest Speakers!!!

We invite Parampreet Singh, host of Meditation Questions podcast who has spent a lifetime studying Yoga Philosophy to join us frequently to share his understanding of the history of Yoga, The Gunas of Nature, the truth about reality and the Bhagavad Gita, our 4th module required reading.

He’s got great perspective and we are happy to hear it. You can hear it too, this is included in our self-paced, self-study portion of our 200 hour teacher training program


  • Yoga as a movement practice

  • Yoga ethics and lifestyle guidelines

  • Sanskrit vocabulary

  • Structural alignment for optimal physical health

  • Establishing a home practice

  • Effective lesson planning

  • Focus, concentration and meditation

  • The timeline of yoga – a comprehensive overview

  • The Chakras and energetic anatomy systems

  • Yoga for those struggling with chronic pain

  • Breathing techniques for stress reduction and balanced emotions

  • Yoga philosophy – including tools applicable to leading a modern balanced life

  • Relaxation sequences and practices for overall well being

  • Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

  • Yoga for specialties – Children, Seniors, Expecting Mothers

  • Meditation and chanting

  • Yoga postures (Asana) health benefits and techniques training for each category of yoga poses

  • Anatomy concepts: The Cells, The Joints, The Muscles, The Skeletal System, The Respiratory System

  • Teaching methodology for confidence teaching all provided lesson plans

  • Business of yoga

Graduate Review - Sarah, November 2015

'My favorite part of the training was the study and dissection of the Bhagavad Gita and connecting its themes to modern life. Claire offers herself wholly to her students, sharing her personal journey as it relates to the subjects at hand. She speaks confidently about yogic philosophy and physical anatomy in language that is entirely understandable to students. As well as being an excellent speaker, Claire is an incredible listener. Each student is encouraged to share their thoughts and have their voice heard. One cannot deny that Claire is fully invested in developing and offering teacher training to utmost of her ability. All of this is seen in the community that has been, and continues to be, created in her studio amongst students and teachers alike'.




Explore the wisdom of a Yogic lifestyle through the Yamas and Niyamas, commonly called the do’s and don’ts of yoga. These insights form the foundation of the Eight Limb Path, a series of yoga philosophies that provide useful guidelines to ground, inspire and enlighten you. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will also serve as a reference to assist you in threading the truths of these ancient teachings into your modern life.

Required Reading:
The Sutras of Patanjali


Learn the technical aspects of the classical yoga postures and the human anatomy and physiology required to teach them. Advance your physical practice and become confident instructing powerful breathing techniques. Deepen your understanding of the ways yoga creates strength and balance with a complete examination of the bandhas and how modern science is used to support and demystify yogic traditions.

Required Reading:
The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad


Deepen your understanding of the mind-body,connection through a comprehensive study of the chakra system. Awareness of the interplay between energetic and physical anatomy, will help you recognize unbalanced emotional and physical energies within and how to restore the balance. Explore the classical postures in gentle, restorative and accessible ways and  learn to  teach others how to find calm though chanting and meditation.

Required Reading:
Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasiter


Journey into the lessons and teachings of the spiritual roots of yoga philosophy through ancient texts and engage in practical conversations so you can apply these teachings to modern life. Learn specific techniques to help remove obstacles on your path and remain present and grounded while building your yoga business. Keep your standards high as you embrace your new endeavors with integrity and a very open heart!

Required Reading:
The Bhagavad Gita

The Enlightened Life

The Anatomy of a Healthy Life

Finding Calm in an Age of Speed

The Past, Present + Future of Yoga

Live Training Hours and Format

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training takes place over 20 weeks (5 months)


Scheduled to enhance your practice and study routine and help you immerse yourself in the essence of yoga &  meditation.

Training Dates:


20 Tuesday's from 6 - 10 pm EDT/EST on:

  • Sept. 27,

  • Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25,

  • Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29,

  • Dec. 6, 13, 20,

  • Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31,

  • Feb. 7, 14, 21

8 Thursday's from 6 - 10 pm EDT/EST on:

  • Oct 6, 20,

  • Nov. 10,

  • Dec. 1, Dec. 15,

  • Jan. 12,

  • Feb. 2, Feb. 23

4 Saturday's from 8:30 am - 5 pm EDT/EST on:

  • Oct. 29, Nov. 19, Jan. 21, and Feb. 11


Complete these requirements before the final day of training and receive your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate at the graduation ceremony on Feb. 23, 2023.

Note: Student's are required to commit to participate in all live-zoom classes. Missing more than 8 hours of the online training may result in your delayed graduation due to missed practicum and break out room activities. Extra assignments may be required for missed hours.
All live-zoom classes will be recorded so you can review them at a later date, however, break out rooms will not be recorded.
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Early Registration Deadline is Tuesday September 13

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What style of yoga will I be certified to teach?

     This is a Hatha teacher training course, which includes vinyasa and gentle yoga + includes tips to teaching Restorative,   

     Prenatal, Children, Teen and Seniors Yoga.

Will I make money as a yoga teacher?

     We will thoroughly discuss the business of yoga in this training and opportunities for yoga teachers. Some teachers are

     inspired to share their knowledge through volunteering and community organizations, others create very successful

     businesses and teach full time. 

Will I be ready to teach?

     Yes! Our graduates are confident, prepared and excited to teach.

Do I have to join Yoga Alliance?

     Registration with Yoga Alliance is optional. You will graduate as a Certified Yoga Teacher from a Yoga Alliance Accredited 

     School so you can register if you choose to. We will discuss the details (pros and cons) in the training.


How much homework is there?

This is a compete and comprehensive 200 hour teacher training program. Your total required time commitment to this training is 200 hours. 80 hours will be live online (5 hours per week March to June 2022) + 120 hours of self study and assignments. You have until December 31, 2023 to complete the self paced hours. You will graduate upon completion of  all 200 hours (all four modules).

What if I don’t want to teach?

     Many people attend this training for self-discovery and to deepen their understanding of yoga. This program is a very

     rewarding journey and experience even if you don't teach. However, most people are inspired to share what they have

     learned in some capacity.


Are there additional books and materials?

    Yes, in addition to your included manuals, each module has a required reading. These books do not have to be read prior

    to training. We reference the texts throughout the training and highly recommend you have them.



Will I get a certificate?

     Yes, upon completion of the program, you will immediately receive a PDF certificate that you can save and use to register

     with Yoga Alliance if you choose to. You will also receive an official signed certificate by mail that you can keep and frame.

How much experience do I need to participate?

     Different schools have different thoughts and requirements. At Yoga Truly, we welcome everybody. If you are ready to 

     learn, we are happy to teach you.




When I first walked into the studio I felt an enormous sense of community and felt encouraged and supported taking this next step into my yoga journey. I had no intention to teach but was rather looking for a deeper understanding into the yoga philosophies but now look forward to share my love of yoga inside a class setting in addition to "off the mat".

— Tammy, Graduate 2017

Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training with Claire was incredibly inspiring experiential learning! I learned so much about breathing, asanas, mindful movement, body awareness, meditation and relaxation. I also learned yogic principles and reflection strategies and enlightenment that have changed my life. This curriculum stimulated my mind, body and spirit every day of my training and beyond! .

— Trish, Graduate 2020

Thank you to Claire who has given me the confidence to share the wisdom and teachings of yoga. The Ambassador Yoga 200hr program balances yogic philosophy with practical teachings and provides a welcoming, inclusive environment where trainees can discuss, inquire, and practice together. Teacher trainees graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to teach yoga, inspiration to continue exploring the practice, self -reflection and growth.

— Meghan, Graduate 2019

Claire is the ideal instructor for a 200 hour training as she is prepared, willing to explain concepts and theories in multiple ways and goes beyond the facilitators role to ensure your experience throughout the training is personalized and curated for your journey.
This training is life changing and will honestly help you seek serenity through the learning and practice. The knowledge you retain and start to share will forever deepen your perspective and allow you to live your life through the yogic lens. This will leave lasting impressions on your soul.

— Danusia, Graduate 2019