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Restorative Yoga & Meditation Mini Retreat & Training

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit (20 Hours)


This Program is Online and Self Paced

You will receive a certificate upon completion

Yoga Truly has a vision to create a community of healers who are empowered with education, confidence and yogic wisdom. As a certified restorative practitioner, you will be filled with healing resources to help people of all ages and abilities.


Our Restorative Yoga and Mediation Training program is perfect for

  • Caregivers,

  • Parents,

  • Teachers,

  • Health care professionals,

  • Yoga teachers

This training is offered as a mini self retreat and learning experience open to anyone struggling with stress as we will explore traditional restorative postures to reduce your own stress or add to existing classes for yoga teachers.

Learn about our bodies nervous system and energetic anatomy and the most common ways our bodies compensate for stress and dis-ease and how to remedy these patterns through movement, stillness and mindfulness.

Learn a variety of healing strategies to combat stress. Consciously connect with your true self and the laws of nature (Ayurveda) that humans are chronically disconnected from and apply these connections therapeutically towards healing.

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