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Next Training - TBD 2022

Yoga Truly offers an 85 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Certification. Completion of the contact hours during course time, combined with observation of existing prenatal yoga classes and practicum time teaching will ensure that you can:


  • Skillfully teach prenatal and postnatal yoga classes to this specialized population using the Lesson Plans given and developed in the Manuals and Curriculum,

  • Create a variety of effective yoga lesson plans using the worksheets, themes of the lesson plan and Yoga Philosophy,

  • Understand the specific guidelines for offering prenatal and postnatal yoga and integrating students into your hatha classes,

  • Deepen your personal yoga practice and understanding of your health and anatomy

  • Establish a connection with this segment of your community

  • Assist new parents in keeping their practice by offering postnatal yoga

  • Understand the changing body during this time and be able to help new parents recover from pregnancy and delivery

  •  All trainings are trauma sensitive and aware

  • This training is LGBTQ+ inclusive and recognizes the pregnant student as any human carrying a child.

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