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Alternative Therapy


Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit (10 Hours)

Reiki is a sacred energy thriving in abundance and ever flowing within and towards all of nature. It is a VAST, PURE and SUSTAINING universal energy available to and within all living creatures. In this certification training learn how to access and channel this energy through your body to that of your recipient. Use you hands to heal yourself and others.

In Reiki Level 1 you will will learn about the Chakras, our energetic anatomy and how this relates to our physical anatomy and endocrine system. You will be introduced to Eastern concepts about the human healing process and balancing strategies. You will learn how to give a self treatment and how to offer one to loved friends and family.

Level 2 reiki offer symbols to enhance reiki healing: Power Symbol, Emotional / mental Symbol and the Distance Symbol which transcends time and space. We also work to creating your network of healing: intake forms and how to relate energetic information back to the recipient.

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