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Mudra & Meditation Series

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Yogi's believe that the power of universe is literally at our fingertips. Mudras are sacred seals we create with our hands to bring balance to the energies within and around us. Discover where the elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water are residing in your body. Learn to access the qualities and characteristics of these energies to bring forth your personal power and take ownership of the elements within. Practice assessing where needs balance in your life by using the mudras in correlation to four guided meditations. Connect with your power now Each guided mediation offers you the experience of presence and can help you connect with the flowing elements of natures within and around you. I will lead you through these simple meditations one by one. Regular practice is recommended because meditation trains the most stubborn muscle in the body, your brain and has been proven to improve focus, increase awareness and understanding and improve decision making, as well as reducing chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

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