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Lemon Karma - Free Monthly Yoga Workshop

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Imagine a zesty place on the internet where all we talk about is Yoga, in a way that functions like a Book Club, but with a Happy Hour vibe. Well This Is It! Lemon Karma is a free, online, interactive, monthly workshop. I’ll be providing zesty insight on some of yoga’s most inspiring facts, details and theories, along with techniques training tips. I know this juicy yoga philosophy will bring a fresh perspective to the way you think about life. The discussions will highlight how yoga can influence our health and well-being, our work and relationships. Contribute to the conversation, ask questions and connect with others that are also yoga curious or expert teachers. It's best to participate in the discussions by joining our monthly online zoom meeting, but if you're camera shy or not available, you'll still get all the resources I share and a recording of the discussion. These juicy details and conversations can be enjoyed by yoga beginners and experts. If you've taken yoga training and miss the discussions, we'll revisit the topics and re-inspire you keep yoga philosophy top of mind as you navigate life. If you're interested in yoga but not sure what its all about, want to know the meaning behind the movements or curious about yoga beyond the postures, this is for you too! Sign up now to see our monthly topics and discussion dates. EVERYONE IS WELCOME

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