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Teen Yoga + Leadership Program: 80 Hour Course

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An EIGHT level online Yoga program for Tweens & Teens incorporating Breath + Body awareness with Mindfulness + Meditation. Students are guided through Yoga Postures, Philosophies and Techniques to learn yoga, refine movements + gain confidence in Self. Includes 16 Illustrated + downloadable workbooks 16 Guided Yoga Practices 50 Yoga Pose Techniques Training videos 8 Guided Meditations and Reflections 8 Breathing Techniques, some for energizing, some for relaxing 8 Mantras for making positive affirmations a daily habit 8 Mudras to ground themselves though mind + body connection Claire is a highly experienced Yoga Teacher, Trainer and 5 x presenter at the International Kids Yoga Conference held annually in Washington DC. 'I always feel calm after doing my yoga practice. We often learn new breathing techniques and postures. I enjoy how we go in depth with the postures and learn what they do to help your body'. 'This teen program has helped my daughter deal with her anxiety in a positive way that has benefited all areas of her life, including home and school’. 'I have learned that no matter what the situation, there is a light within me and I have been taught how to bring it out'. A Perfect Gift For Tweens and Teens ages 10-18 including athletes and anxious students. NOTE - For programs purchased as gifts, send the teens email address to me to manually add them to the course so they have unlimited access to all lessons

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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