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Today's Home Practice: Hatha - Balanced Breath

Welcome to your mat and your practice. This time together will serve as an opportunity for pause. A series of moments to observe our surroundings exactly as they are and refrain from wishing they were any different.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Through mindful awareness and this tactile experience of the body, we will consciously soften our gaze and give ourselves the time and space to breath deeply. Moments like these seem luxurious in our fast paced, fear based world. Let's take these moments back.

Balanced breath requires us to put effort into controlling the rate and flow of our breath, creating an equal flow on both inhale and exhale. This practice is nourishing and soothing for our nervous system as well, it activates both sides of brain, balancing creativity with logic. This exercise allows us to be present and in time, your presence will be unwavering.

Today, our Hatha practice calls us to be the observer and the doer all at once. When we place our hands to our heart, we begin to notice the flow of our breath and become acutely aware of each inhale and exhale and how supportive they are in ever such a subtle way.

We encourage optional health and wellness by beginning with the breath, use this practice to create a sustainable and reliable rhythm for your practice and beyond.

Props I recommend to prepare

  • one blanket

  • two blocks

When you are ready, we will begin in our comfortable seat.


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