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Today's Home Practice: Yin - Acceptance Flows Through Me

Today I’m sharing an older practice from April 1, 2020 that I think is worth revisiting.

Though I am typically a joker and love April Fool’s Day, this day in 2020 was challenging for most of us. This was a time in our not so distant past, where we all sat home in the center of the unknown. The pandemic was still new and the strangeness of it all was looming over us.

We were apart, our routines and priorities shifted dramatically. We were apart because what hovered just above our collective fear, was a strong sense of connection and concern and love for each other. There was hope.

I’m brought back to that felt sense as I revisit this practice. There is a beautiful simplicity to this slow yin class which is set to the tone of acceptance.

Our Affirmation:

I don't have to understand or agree to accept a situation.

Acceptance flows naturally for me!

This practice begins seated comfortably with ribcage breathing. We’ll use the strap as a tactile way to acknowledge and appreciate our breath. You’ll be guided to notice both the flow and restriction and to find the balance that suits and serves you.

Find the balance you deserve.

Let a sweet, gentle curiosity accompany this practice.

Just how much space is there in that ribcage of yours?

How expansive can your lungs be?

How much movement you can get in your lungs?

Slowing down and observing helps us connect to the present moment.

This moment is perfect as it is

I invite you to….

Take a deep breath. You have been here before.

Take a deep breath. You are more capable than you realize.

Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be just fine.


Props I recommend to prepare

  • 1 x blanket

  • 1 x strap

When you are ready, we will begin in our comfortable seat.


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