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Today's Home Practice: Yin - Liver Cleansing Yoga Class

It is a big love kind of day so I have a big heart sweatshirt on for today's 60 minute practice.

I'm excited for you to be here because it's a good day to cleanse our livers! By stimulating the liver gland, this practice will help us releasing toxins in our physical body, but but also allow us to check in and with our emotions.

We'll give ourselves times to think about managing your energy as we move through this practice. When we clear out over body what is toxic, stale or unnecessary, we improve our vitality and when we improve our vitality, we have a flush of energy and we consider what do you want to use that energy for?

Let that be the motivating factor behind your practice

Yin yoga is a slow, therapeutic and meditative style of yoga where asanas are held for a long periods of time to help to release deep tissue tension and fascia while supporting ligament and joint health.

The benefits of a Yin practice include:

Increased metabolism, detoxification, safe and easy opening of musculoskeletal structures, improved spinal integrity and nervous system function, rapid healing from injury and disease, and increased mental focus and discipline.

Props I recommend to create your yoga nest:

  • one blanket

  • two blocks

When you are ready, we will begin in our comfortable seat.


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