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Today's Home Practice: Flow - Moving into Meditation

Welcome to practice and your mat. We are going to begin in our seat for this 45 minute flow class.

You may have head the saying, the body needs movement and the mind needs stillness. All very true, but the missed connection is that often, the mind really requires the body to move and release energy and restlessness so the mind can in fact be still without distractions, so this is a perfect practice to let your body flow then enjoy the quiet that comes naturally afterwards.

Uniqueness is my power.

I am unique, I am special. I am one of a kind, perfectly imperfect flaws and all.

I celebrate my unique talents and those of others. I am unique!

Allow this affirmation to inspire you, but please effort to allow softness to inform your practice. Softness in our heart and body naturally invites in stillness. As with all guided practices, the goal is self awareness and agency. You are invited to move as much or as little as you like while your mind stays in awareness of what is and what is not serving you.

Your breath can come and go, inhaling nourishment with intention and exhaling by allowing the breath to follow it's own path backwards... release.

Props I recommend to prepare

  • one blanket

  • two blocks

When you are ready, we will begin in our comfortable seat.


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